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Unleash Your Clinic’s Potential.

Proven marketing strategies delivering a minimum of 5 new,
high-value customers per month.

Our guarantee:

($2000+ EACH)





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We're not just a marketing service; we're your partners in growth.

Our specialty lies in helping orthodontists and dental veneers installers, like you, connect with prospective patients. Our goal? To free up your time so you can focus on what you do best - providing top-notch dental services.

What we bring you, AT A GLANCE:


More Free Time, Less Stress

We handle your marketing so you can focus on your practice. We're always available, ensuring you get support as soon as possible.

Receptionist Training

We don't just attract patients; we help convert them. Let us train your receptionists in sales to maximize your clinic's potential.

Integrated CRM Software

Stay in the loop with real-time updates on new leads and appointment schedules. Our seamless CRM integration ensures you never miss a beat.

Let's get to know each other?

Schedule a free 20-min discovery call in the calendar with our team today and we'll explain our strategies to You in more detail. Or write to us about Your business!

Don't just take our word
for it

Consider Anneli from Dental Beauty Laser Clinic: with an ad spend of €2,000, we helped generate over €60,000 revenue in just 2 months.

Since starting cooperation with Spetsy Marketing, I have been able to devote 100% to my main work. Finding new customers and fitting them into the schedule is completely executed perfectly by Spetsy. At first I didn't have much faith in the effectiveness of FB target marketing. In reality, Spetsy has exceeded my expectations many times over. Very few of the new customers have cancelled, while the influx of new customers is so much greater that there has been no loss of working time due to no-shows. I especially like that Joosep manages the process of finding new customers from start to finish and has also helped with updating the website and in case of computer software problems. I definitely intend to continue the cooperation. Cooperation with Spetsy has increased my turnover and removed the additional burden of standard communication issues, which are mostly repeated for every new client. (translated)
- Anneli